125 Crosswords

The title says it all… For puzzlers who love their crosswords, 125 Crosswords offers the best in traditional crossword puzzle fun. The majority of the puzzles are based on a standard 13x13 grid – the perfect size to pick up and solve in one sitting over a relaxing cup of coffee and a biscuit. For a deeper challenge, there are 27 larger 19x19 grids, and for the maximum puzzle workout, six jumbo grids.

Each issue is hand-compiled specifically for Australia, so you'll find no strange overseas terms, nor will you be stumped by strange and obscure words. Instead the puzzles provide an accessible and thought-provoking challenge, and feature a smattering of film and television references to keep you on your pop culture toes.

For straightforward puzzle fun, and the chance to win a great prize in each issue, head straight to 125 Crosswords.

Frequency: every 6 weeks