Word Finder

The magazine for you if wordsearches are your puzzle of choice: a variety of fun and interesting themes fill each issue. The other puzzles that you'll find include Sudoku, Pathfinder, Step Ladder and Add-a-Letter.

False trails appear in every wordsearch, adding an extra level of interest (or frustration, depending on your point of view!) to every puzzle. The magazine is filled with brain-trainers and puzzles to guarantee you hours of relaxation and puzzling pleasure. There are a few wordsearches that offer extra challenges – some give facts about occurrences that happened in a certain year and challenge you to work out when it was, and some offer up a mini-biography of a famous actor or celebrity and ask you to work out who it is. With these types of puzzles, you'll find the answers in the back – we wouldn't want to leave you hanging!

We also have a wonderful big-prize competition that appears in every issue. In previous issues we've had cars, holidays and cash giveaways. So simply buy the most recent issue, follow the instructions on the coupon, and send it in for your chance to win.

Frequency: every 7 weeks